Restrictions due to date

These may be altered, but as of the curent time assume the following apply.

Flash-paks are the size of a midsized paperback novel.

Securetech line of armor does not yet exist.

Realistic cybereyes do not exist, cybermods to real eyes are discreet as usual.

AZ-150 Stun Baton requires fifteen minutes of charge time to regain one use

the Ares Alpha, HVAR, MP-LMG, MP HV-LMG, Stoner-Ares M107 HMG, Redline laser pistol, Max-Gyro system, Franchi SPAS-22, and the Zapper Static Discharge Rocket are not available

Battletac systems exist in the military, but their use in the Shadows has not begun yet. Finding one of these would be well-nigh impossible without stealing it from the military yourself.

Betaware is available only in the most bleeding-edge of clinics, and Deltaware is rumored but if it exists it's only available to government black ops teams and the most elite corporate secsquads.

Independent cybereyes have not been developed yet, nor have Cranial cyberdecks. Cranial remote decks have been developed but not declassified; their existance is a rumor known to well-connected riggers and some deckers, but not many others.

Hydraulic jacks, Kid Stealth legs, and Balance tails have not been released yet

Move-By-Wire systems are only available at rating 1, but the cost (essence and nuyen) is equal to that of a rating 3 system. It's known that these systems are under development. The level of 3 is used for calculating accumulated stress.

Cybermancy is a rumored research project, but currently nonexistant.

The only bioware currently available is Synthacardium level 1 and Extended Lung Volume levels 1 or 2.

NO nanotech is available on the street at this time with the exception of the occasional monofilament whip or line of monofilament. These are ridiculously expensive, and these things do NOT get ignored by authorities, EVER. The usual response is the cop alerts the army.

Maser links are pretty much unheard of, except that the new Renraku Arcology apparently has a full network of them inside its walls.